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CCD Wedge Scanner

COMPanion offers the industry's most advanced CCD (Charged-Coupled Device) Wedge Scanner for scanning your barcode labels. Special LED technology allows the scanner to read barcodes without having to touch the label.

The scanner increases your efficiency because it's quick. It reads labels instantly and is simple-to-use. The scanner’s proven technology and elimination of barcode wear and tear make it an excellent choice for schools. Its durability, ease of use and light weight help make it a popular choice among our users.

The scanner eliminates the risk of wrist strain because of its ergonomic design. Its durability, ease-of-use, and lightweight help make it a popular scanner among our users.

The scanner isolates barcodes to only read the one you want so you can have full sheets of codes (such as a sheet for each class) to scan from. It effectively reads all major barcode symbologies, from those on low-grade labels to ones with protectors over them. COMPanion configures the scanners to work with your software so they are ready to use.

CCD Wedge Scanner Features

  • Reads barcodes instantly
  • Eliminates barcode label wear and tear
  • Eliminates wrist strain
  • Isolates barcodes to read only the one you want
  • Reads all major barcode symbologies
  • Reads low-grade labels
  • Choose either one-trigger one-read mode or continuous-read mode with flash control
  • COMPanion's #1-rated, 24-hour technical support
  • Replaceable interface cable
  • 1-year warranty

CCD Wedge Scanner w/ USB Interface, 1 yr Warranty $495

Barcode Scanner

Quantity: $495.00

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