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library linear imager sofware solution

library linear imager sofware solution

Linear Imager

This linear imager is a high performance bar code scanner. It uses linear imaging technology to set a new standard for hand held scanners by combining a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging delivering exceptional reading performance.

Smoothly composed with a soft grip designed to fit comfortable in your hand and prevent slipping. Its aesthetically pleasing look surrounds a rugged, durable construction -- built for demanding work environments.

This scanner accommodates printer induced bar space variation, faded labels, short quiet zones, low contrast codes, dot matrix printing, and multipart forms with higher resolution, better optics, and improved decoding algorithms.

Linear Imager Solutions

  • Bright, sharp and focused aiming line
  • Solid, rugged design
  • Increased reading distances

Linear Imager Benefits

  • Easy to aim and scan codes in any lighting condition
  • Easily covers the full range of hand held scanning uses
  • Attractive styling compliments your library environment
  • 4 year warranty
  • Hands-free stand included with Linear Imager Purchase
  • USB connection that can be used with a Macintosh or a PC
  • More durable and robust than lasers
  • Fast reads reduce repeat scans
  • No moving parts inside, solid construction outside

Linear Imager USB w/ Stand, 4 yr Warranty $795

Linear Imager

Quantity: $795.00

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