Software that pays for itself.

Textbook Tracker


  • Built-in, preconfigured server software—Dedicated server not required
  • Networking Functionality
  • Built-in Web services
  • No third party servers to purchase, configure, and maintain
  • Integrated online upgrades to keep you current on the latest software and technology.
  • Integrated update feature enabling you to upgrade over a dedicated internet connection with the click of a mouse, rather than wasting time downloading installers or waiting for product mailings to upgrade
  • Free updates and upgrades for current customers
  • Real-time access for administrators to all of the district collections with the Central Union solution.
  • TCP/IP- and Client/Server- based for optimal networking speed
  • SIF member
  • 100% cross-platform (Windows & Macintosh)
  • Runs on the latest operating systems including Windows 7 and Macintosh OSX — Textbook Tracker is the only textbook management solution that is Macintosh OSX native.

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